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Heleyna at Alabama see you in Escolta this saturday :)

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Designing things :) some of the stuff that I did recently :)

Aug 13. 1 Notes.

New collection ❤️ surpriseeeee

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Tonight’s thoughts

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Heleyna and monstercloset accessories!!! It’s been a while since I made some resin. When I started it at 2009 they weren’t acrylic based but nowwww they areeeeee so tadaaaa!! Will release them in a proper shoot. 🙌

Jun 21. 5 Notes.

Started a new chapter in my life as a bridal consultant. I cannot ask for any other day job ✌️ at least it’s still in line with what I want to really do and they ask me to design for the store too. It’s a win-win situation haha

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New year new room :) diy paint on the monoblock (plastic) chair :) it’s easy peasy! Just sand it up then paint it with semi gloss paint :)

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