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Heleyna at Alabama see you in Escolta this saturday :)

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Designing things :) some of the stuff that I did recently :)

Aug 13. 1 Notes.

New collection ❤️ surpriseeeee

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Tonight’s thoughts

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Heleyna and monstercloset accessories!!! It’s been a while since I made some resin. When I started it at 2009 they weren’t acrylic based but nowwww they areeeeee so tadaaaa!! Will release them in a proper shoot. 🙌

Jun 21. 5 Notes.

Started a new chapter in my life as a bridal consultant. I cannot ask for any other day job ✌️ at least it’s still in line with what I want to really do and they ask me to design for the store too. It’s a win-win situation haha

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New year new room :) diy paint on the monoblock (plastic) chair :) it’s easy peasy! Just sand it up then paint it with semi gloss paint :)

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There was

There was something wrong with how you used up words until you were empty to consume someone’s entirety.
It was how you swiftly cleaned up your back room full of dirty lies and magically turned them into butterflies.
Lies that flutter in and out of my stomach; I knew something was amiss.
Nobody knew you better than yourself and all I had to do was see it at show; backstage where nobody looked.
You begged to disagree on how you treat the people you loved just the way you coined some struggling lonely poet.
I knew I had to do a quick remedy to my misdemeanor.
I had to untwine my fingers that were loosely locked from yours; before I forget that everything you build in lies can crumble cohesively at will.
I fixed the mess before it begun; I unfolded the words as if I was a stranger to you.
To undo it with words without knowing what I undid before you can even say ‘I quit’.
In your mind you knew that my uncertainties were beyond comprehensible…
Just as you weren’t sure of what is what and who is who.
And so we can only say that definitely, there was…

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